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Tales from Thailand

These published micro memoirs are quick 3-5 minute reads


Fostering Love


Booking flights, scheduling vaccines, and starting to learn Thai were the easy items on our to-do list. Finding a foster family for our cat was altogether another matter.


This essay won first prize in the Bethesda Urban Partnership 2022 Essay Contest. Read it in Bethesda Magazine (July/August 2022, Volume 19, Issue 4, page 72).

First Morning Chorus

On our first day as kindergarten teachers in Thailand, my husband and I meet our class and get a taste of the magic, and the challenges, that lie ahead.

Read the essay in Passager (Issue 70, Winter 2021, pp 14-16).

Listen to an excerpt, featured on the podcast Burning Bright (March 1, 2022 issue).

Orchids on the Water


The autumn full moon festival, Loy Krathong, is a national holiday to honor water spirits, cast off bad karma, and welcome what Thai people call the cold season.

Read the essay in Anak Sastra (Issue 46, February 2022, pp 63-67)

Teacher, Mother, Mentor, Other


A Chinese teacher at our school in Thailand dreams of moving to America to teach Chinese. But first she must score well on the application and overcome her fears.

Read the essay in Passager (Issue 70, Winter 2021, pp 17-19)

Classic Pumps
Noodles with Shrimps

A Little Thai Lesson


Sometimes a little Thai is enough. But sometimes it's not.


Read the essay in Lucky Jefferson (Issue 9, April 2022)

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